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Welcome to Lake Sandoval

Lake Sandoval reserve: it is up through the Madre de Dios River (traveling with an outboard into the jungle) with a travel time of 25min, arriving at the checkpoint and Surveillance Sandoval Lake Reserve, then continue along a trail of access with a 50min walk into the Amazon, to reach the “pipe” that connects the mirror lake sandoval water; can enter the water mirror renting canoes inhabitants of the area. The most diverse forests in the world are in Madre de Dios and Tambopata National Reserve are the most accessible for adventurers and nature lovers. Savor Wolves rivers, amazing macaw clay licks, colorful butterflies, or the sighting of animals like the tapir or jaguar. Browse its pristine lakes in quiet calm catamarans to observe the wildlife of the place, or walk enabled to observe the Amazon forest in all its splendor trails.


lago sandoval lodge amazon wildlife tambopata reserva manu park

Amazon Green 4 days Sandoval Lake Reserve

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lago sandoval lodge amazon wildlife tambopata reserva manu park

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lago sandoval lodge amazon wildlife tambopata reserva manu park

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lago sandoval lodge amazon wildlife tambopata reserva manu park

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Sandoval Lake:

It is located a stone’s throw from Puerto Maldonado, is a beautiful wide lagoon close to the Madre de Dios river where you can see giant river otters.

Visit the macaw clay licks:

One of the biggest shows of the Peruvian Amazon, hundreds of parrots and macaws feeding on clay on the cliffs of the river Tambopata Reserve.

Tours oxbow lake:

Located in the buffer zone, a must-see place for lovers nature, ideal for bird watching, monkeys and alligators.

Tours Lake Cocococha:

It is up across the Tambopata River (outboard) with a travel time of three hours, arriving at the checkpoint and Surveillance Tower, then a walk of 75 minutes is performed for various trails owned hostel Peruvian Safaris for reach the lake, where a wildlife observatory is a hiding place for bird watching and giant river otters.

Visit the Tambopata ecotourism corridor – Lake Sandoval:

Located in the buffer zone comprises the oxbow lake, shelters, trails and various services that will bring you to the diversity of the Reserve.

Tours Colpa Chunchos:

It is up across the Tambopata River (outboard) with a time of 4 hours and about 20 minutes (through the checkpoint and Surveillance
La Torre), before reaching the colpa, established camps along the river where visitors can spend the night and appreciate between 5 and 9 am variety of macaws and parrots in the activity colpeo are located.


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